Old habits die hard, but good habits can last forever

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Old habits die hard, but good habits can last forever

Have you got a bad habit? Congratulations!

You are part of a 7 billion member club. Well, every person in this world has or develops bad habits over a course of time. It mostly happens due to our priorities in life, we tend to focus on one aspect and neglect the other. More often than not we make promises to ourselves to make things better and work well for us but fail because It’s so easy to hit that snooze button every morning, or allow Netflix to keep feeding us with episode after episode at night when our body needs well deserved rest.

What’s not so easy is changing those undesirable habits for the better. The key to do away with our late-night web-series streaming and fridge raid to feed our crave is the same formula that started it in the first place, “The Routine”. A whopping 70 percent of our life is routine, so we better make sure the habits we keep are good ones. If we take notice of it, our good habits and our not-so-great habits revolve around these same routine. Too much time of our day-to-day life take instructions from this loop of routine without needing to pay any attention.

The key to changing bad habits is swapping out the routine. For instance, if you’re trying to quit late-night streaming but you are soo much addicted that you can’t go to sleep without watching one episode over the other until you fall asleep with your playlists on. I insist to try coconut oil massage. The massage will make you drowsy immediately, you’ll get the much needed sleep for the whole night. The best thing about oil massage is its not addictive like sleeping pills. Similarly, I insist that believing in the change is vital, and redirecting the routine is the way to achieve the change.

For starting new, good habits, interlace your new habit into your everyday life. Do this by tacking it onto something familiar that will act as a reminder for you. That way, you don’t have to rely on your good old brain to remember your goal. Our brains are known to be unreliable, but habits are almost on autopilot. While this means old habits die hard, it implies good habits can last forever.